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NFT Project

This artwork is designed to be seen on huge billboards along the street. It tells an interesting story - people casually passing by fine art without realizing it's there. But, on the inside, it delves into the artist's inner world, a vivid portrayal of the struggle for recognition and to get noticed.

Now, think of a theater stage. A big red curtain opens, and there's one person in the spotlight, creating something. Usually, an artwork is revealed when it is done, but here, it shows the artist in action. Why? Because people today want things quick and eye-catching. As the "Walk By curtain" opens, you see the artist creating, like a snapshot of the struggle for attention, the hard work of self-promotion, and the fear of missing out.

Once it's done, you see the "Walk By" Process Sculpture capturing the performer's body across various moments. It can symbolize a community's clash or celebration, cooperation or envy.

Then, a freeze-frame moment for a "Group Sculpture." A few imprints eerily gaze out, almost as if they're checking if we're observing them, is the artwork good enough, anticipating a triumph, or perhaps it's a nod to the awaited bull market in the Crypto art world?

Suddenly, the artist starts dismantling the creation, curtains hurriedly closing - time's up. The next show is about to begin!



 Through the use of motion capture technology, I record my movements in a studio and transfer them onto a 3D virtual character that I have sculpted. By selecting specific frames of the animation, I create an imprint of my body that is then transformed into abstract artwork. These shapes are imbued with multiple meanings, creating polysemantic art. I use royalty free sounds and mix them together so that it fits best to the mood of the artwork.


Sound credits:

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