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   My father took me to the cinema when I was 7 and we watched the Alien in 1979. The shock that I had then was a life defining experience. I don't remember fear, only a tremendous curiosity about what the creature exactly looks like!? I thought I understood where the legs and arms are but then it turned out that it was the head of the creature!? This was my first Abstract experience.

In 1991 from Yugoslavia I went to Germany because of the Balkan war, where I found Giger's art books which gave me the answer to all my questions about the creature. This opened a new world of Dark Art where I found myself home. Later at the academy I learned abstract Art from Master Sandor Molnar, a brilliant mind who invented and created a new approach to spiritual growth for artists, called Painter Yoga. It's a unique implementation of ancient Occult teachings into a modern life of an artist.

After graduating at the academy in 2000 I started to work in the Game industry. It was an exciting new world where I could learn and express my visions in a 3D virtual world.

My art was always about movement. From the gesture of the brush when painting or my body making a performance sculpture. I am constantly moving from land to land, my mind is never resting and moving from idea to idea. I am moving and evolving with the creations I make. When my drawings and paintings are not enough, I want to break into 3Dimensional sculptures, when that is not enough I make them alive, sometimes as a huge kinetic sculpture but mostly as digital animations.

Important Exhibitions


Group: 2024/Artcrush of the month/Artcrush Gallery/Paris/FR

Group: 2023/MET AMS/Superchief gallery/Amsterdam/NL

Group: 2023/Punctum/Satyrus Meta Art Gallery/Rome/IT

Group: 2023/Iham Gallery/Artcrush World Tour 2023/Paris/FR

Group: 2021/Exhibition Collective/Layers/Paris/FR

Group: 2021/Popup Exhibition/Créunion/Paris/FR

Solo: 2019/Retrospect/Rue Des Grands Champs/Paris/FR

Solo: 2016/Autopsiche/Erdi Muterem/Erd/HU

Solo: 2013/Latarka Opening/Latarka Gallery/Budapest/HU

Group: 2011/Hybridart/Iron/Budapest/HU

Solo:2010/Spring Exhibition/Bartok 23 gallery/Budapest/HU

Group:2009/8th National Groteszk Triennal/ Debrecen/HU

Group:2008/Deconstructing Postmodern/Sziget Fesztival/ Budapest/HU

Solo: 2006/Fire Initiation/Sziget Fesztival/ Budapest/HU

Solo:2004/The Dragon Fountain/Public sculptures/nNyirbator/HU

Group:2001/Visual Vitamins/DNS Gallery/Budapest/Hu

Solo:2000/ Ring/ The Hungarian University of Fine Arts/ Budapest/HU

Group:1999/Art Fair/Absolut Gallery/Budapest/HU

Solo:1998/Morph/Uránia Cinema Theater/Budapest/HU


Art Performances

2011 Fire extinguisher Performance -GyuroFest, Gyuró

2010 Prehiszteria- Budapest, Sziget Fesztival  

2009 Compackt packing- Sziget Fesztival 

2007 Lifeisnice- Budapest, Sziget Fesztival

2005 Night stories - Nyíregyháza, Vidor Fesztival 

2004 The Dragon and the D-Mons. Nyírbátor, Public sculpture initiation performance

2004 NemArt Days Nyíregyháza, Conteporary Art Performance series


Movie and Theater

2017 The Golden Stag FINA Closing Ceremony (Giant Kinetic sculpture)-Budapest

2011 Overdose (Costume design)- Budapest, MU Theater

2010 Two Worlds 2 Intro cinematic (Film Director)- Budapest  3D brigade 

2010 Faun (Costume design) -  Budapest National Dance Theater

2000 The citizens of Kassa (Stage Design)- Budapest, Thália Theater

1999 The king is naked (Stage and Costume Design) Stuttgart, Stuttgart Theater

1997 Dario Argento`s Phantom of the opera (Costume design assistant)- Budapest,Opera House

1996  Doom-championship stage design- Budakeszi, House Of Culture


Video Game experience

2018- Tindalos Interactive - Animation Director/3DCharacter Art Lead / Paris

2017-2018 Pretty Simple Games- 3D Animation Lead/ Paris

2013-2017 /Invoker Studios/Creative Director/ Budapest

2009-2012/ Neocore Games/ 3D Animation Lead/ Budapest

2003-2009 /Tonuzaba entertainment- Art Director, Animation lead/ Budapest

2001-2002/ Philos entertainment –Mocap actor, Concept artist/ Budapest

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